What Makes Me Different? A Realtors Pitch

Marketing the same way as every other real estate agent just doesn’t stand out. Listing the same way that competitors do – and expecting different or better results… is not what I do.

My marketing stands out, tells a perspective buyer about your property and why they want it to create the dream. I look at things differently then most. Its made me very effective.

The Finances

Pricing can determine your success in attracting potential buyers, and pricing your lot or land too high is one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make…and regret. The wrong price will both scare away buyers from even inquiring about your property, and will cause your property to take longer to sell. I do a very in depth analysis and trend assessment to figure out the range, and then we work together to ensure its in line with your expectations.

Pricing land and acreages can be trickier when compared to pricing a conventional home. This is why many agents shy away from acreages. My team and I do not. We excel. Developed lots in communities may have a clear “market” price based on the recent sale of similar lots. Raw land or acreages, however, may have fewer “comparable” sales to use in determining your price. Instead we look at neighborhood trends, future ideas and more importantly; we ask around through our network who live in the acreages and own the construction companies that you want to know about.

A trick, if possible; offer financing. The lending market for vacant lots and land still is difficult, so many buyers have trouble getting financing. You should have a larger pool of potential buyers if you are able to offer some type of owner carry or financing. For acreages often it is simply a time issue for a buyer to get funds into the country. Working with buyers to achieve this makes for a larger buying pool, getting you higher prices. Working with our team of Bankers, money managers and accountants we are able to give the best overall advice.

The Property

An effective strategy is giving a descriptive name to the property helps potential buyers visualize the land and its potential uses. For instance, calling your land the “lake rolling hills” suggests trees, rolling hills and a view, making your land sound much more enticing than “123 Address street.” Use your listings to suggest potential uses for the land, such as the fact that it would make a scenic, private location for a getaway, or a private golf course as examples.

Show the property at its best

It can be challenging to market vacant residential lots and land because there is no move-in-ready home. Homes are visual, convey a sense of place and evoke emotional responses from buyers. But there is no house for an Open House when selling lots and land.

The is why we have technology. Traditionally you can’t show photos of a kitchen or great room, so you have to be creative with your lot or land photographs. Or…. We can use modern 3D technology to actually show a house on the property.

For ready developed acreages we use new technologies, such as drone footage to truly show the scope of the estate. The virtual reality programs can also help others see the house decorated as they would want. The prestige buyer is often quite demanding, so we fill in the gap for them. If they see it, they want to buy it.

Architectural Drawings

We can Advertise the land with architectural renderings of potential homes or buildings for the land. These drawings do not need to be full-scale usable drawings, just functional enough to show several options for dimensions and building styles.

This in conjunction with the 3D renderings allow people to actually see the finished product and make decisions based on the complete picture. This truly sells the location.

The Market

Some homes draw a lot of attention on their own, others do not. So how do you reach your potential buyers? How do you catch attention and get people in the door? This is what real estate is all about.

The buyer profile can depend on what type of property you are selling, whether the land has been developed already, its location and market conditions, among other criteria.

Chris Kotscha - Kelowna Realtor

In this article I will not go into specifics as that would be a road map for others to follow but the general theme is that my team is very active around the city through various social engagements, clubs and committees. We are also quite good at social media. We get lots of views, likes and ultimately clicks across the various platforms. We are also deeply connected with multiple companies and together we provide the ‘us’ that allows all of us to excel! More distribution, more saturation and more results!

Conventional media and Social media strategy

This is one of the largest tools for specialized selling. We will use a combination of conventional advertising AND social media to focus specifically on those who demonstrate the behavior of developers and potential home builders. Through social analytics we can identify these individuals and saturate them with me much media that they cannot help but notice the property and become interested.

Below is a general reference to the separate initiatives that I will take to gain significantly more exposure of the property.

  • Hold a contest to encourage followers to recommend a descriptive name for the property.
  • Virtual tour as an investment to further whet the appetite of interested buyers.
  • Pictures uploaded in a strategic fashion to gain maximum attention for the property in conjunction with the other means used.
  • Postings showing the value to potential buyers as an investment.
  • Letters on castanet, advertising and a highlighted feature on the area and property.
  • Direct marketing

  • Through my connections I will approach individuals both within the area and outside of the region to market the property and highlight why your property is what they want.
  • Invite only events. The purpose of this is to strategically invite developers, neighbours, investors and high end real estate agents to gain as much exposure as possible.
  • List in investment forums and on forums that I am a consist contributor to. Within a smaller community we have our own forums that discuss various investments all around the world. This global connection saturates a lot of money in a very short time frame as it is an invite only forum.
  • Google ad words. Creating a Google Ad words campaign to drive targeted traffic to your page and to verify the analytics to gain access to the correct buyers.
  • LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn is a very powerful tool when used properly as it has a number of business investors. Through various measuring means we can connect with the correct profiles.
  • Wealth magazines. I write periodicals in various high end magazines such as Jet Set and Prestige. These magazines are syndicated exclusively in those who live high end lifestyles.
  • Networking functions. On a regular basis I attend various networking functions that deal with higher end clientele within the Okanagan. The attendees are those who own private aircraft, yachts and multiple properties all around the world. It is an ideal place to passively give the idea of an ideally placed property… yours.
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